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  • Premium microfiber towel laundry detergent soap
  • Maintains towel cleaning properties for longer towel life and use
  • Gets rid of those unwanted stains in your microfiber towels
  • Works better for microfiber towels than regular laundry detergent

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Quality microfiber towels and buffing pads are tools of the trade

You should look at your microfiber towels and buffing pads as tool investments because in reality, this is what they are. Just like a master mechanic knows that if he takes care of his tools – his tools will take care of him, meaning they will enable him to his job in a timely manner.

Microfiber towels are wear-items. This means they wear-out from repeated use. Quality microfiber towels are not cheap. If you take care of your microfiber towels you will get the most quality use out of them. The way you take care of your towels is to wash them correctly. In the car detailing world, microfiber towels are simply used to either spread-out a liquid or remove a liquid, paste or residue that was previously a liquid but after drying became a solid.

When it comes to liquids, pastes, and dry residues, (like wax reside or compound residue) there are basically two categories, water-soluble and water-insoluble. A spray detailer for the most part is water-soluble. But an exterior vinyl dressing or tire dressing, by the very nature for what these types of product must do i.e., resist breaking down in water – are not water soluble. The fact is any product residue in your microfiber towels that is not water soluble will be much more difficult to completely remove and that is the criteria that most people use when doing laundry.

Because we use our microfiber towels to wipe-off both water-soluble and water-insoluble substances, we need a liquid laundry soap that is capable or emulsifying, dissolving, dislodging, and removing both categories of substances without harming the material. That’s a tall order and it’s certainly not a formula that is easily created.

The 3D Towel Kleen formula is unique in that the chemists at 3D understand this complex equation. 

The chemists at 3D created a proprietary liquid laundry soap that has the ability to dissolve, emulsify and remove polar-opposite types of residues including both water-soluble and water-insoluble. 

This type of chemistry is what separates professional chemists from marketing companies. Here at 3D, when our chemists create a formula, the standard, (not the goal), is to dominate the category, not be another me-too product. 

All the words in the world will not prove to you how well 3D Towel Kleen works to clean and restore all types of microfiber towels as well as all types of buffing pads. The only thing that will work is your first-hand experience. Our recommended manufacturer’s price for our 1-gallon jug, (128 ounces), is $25.00, which works out to be 20 cents an ounce. 

The average medium size wash load, about 25 microfiber towels or 10 pounds of towels. With this concentrated, formula, you only need 2 ounces of 3D Towel Kleen. This means a standard size wash load using the best microfiber detergent on planet Earth costs you 40 cents a load. Considering how much money you have invested into your tools, your microfiber tools – you can’t afford to not use the best cleaning laundry soap… unless you like buying new towels often.

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